The Scheepjes yarn bowls are ideal for neatly holding and releasing your yarn as you knit or crochet. Simply place a ball of yarn (or two, depending on the size of the ball of yarn) in the bowl and thread the yarn through one of the 2 holes on the side. By controlling the pace at which your yarn is released, enjoy knitting or crocheting without worrying about tangles or tugging! Please note that due to that the bowl contains 2 holes and not a spiral cut-out, you cannot change the yarn in the bowl mid-project without having to cut the yarn. This yarn bowl is made from bamboo and measures 20 x 7cm. Each yarn bowl is handmade, causing each bowl to be slightly different and unique!

If you prefer bowls with a pattern or made from wood or resin: Scheepjes offers plenty of various yarn bowls to choose from!

Bamboo Yarn Bowl - Scheepjes 20x 7cm