The Addi Click Lace long interchangeable needle tips have been made for working with fine yarns and with lace techniques.

They each feature an unfathomably smooth surface, precise needle tips and seamless cord connections, together guaranteeing an enjoyable knitting experience! With the Addi Click system, enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to alternate between tips and cords across the Addi Click range, with all Addi Click products being compatible.

Together with an Addi Click cord, create high-quality circular knitting needles! Suitable for use with either circular knitting projects or standard. In this set find

8 long Addi needle tips (sizes 3.50-8.00mm),

3 red Addi cords (60, 80 and 100cm),

1 coupling (connector),

1 Addi gold-coloured pin, and

1 Addi Grip designed to make it easier to connect your Addi Click accessories.

Supplied in a stylish and practical pouch.

Addi Lace Click Interchangeable Set - Pre order